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Yes to Health

Evidence-Based Counselling Service

About Lorna

Trusted Counselling Professional

Lorna loves to really tune into and understand her client's foundational needs, values and experiences. Her goal is to work together to identify and reach clearly defined goals that represent healing, growth and wholeness.  She uses evidence-based, proven methods of counselling in a safe and nurturing environment.

Discovery Session



A 20-minute complimentary video call to find out if we are a good fit.  No commitment, pressure or obligation.  No fee.

Counselling Session



A 50-minute video counselling session focused entirely on you and your wellbeing.

Two-Hour Intensive



An intensive video counselling session to make lasting changes.

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Client Testimony

Contacting Lorna is one of the best decisions I have made. Lorna provided a safe place for me to share and work through some painful life issues.  She is a good listener and very affirming.  During our time together I have learnt some valuable techniques, which not only helped to bring healing to my current issue but will also provide a useful framework in facing any future problems which may arise and just the day-to-day stuff life throws at us.  The methods Lorna uses work for anyone no matter what your background is, but I have found them to be compatible with my Christian faith and that adding in the spiritual element made them work even better!

Taking the time to support your mental health is really worth the time and effort. I have always tried to eat healthy and exercise to care for my physical health, but I have found the benefit of learning some simple techniques to improve my mental health has been really worthwhile and is something I will continue to do moving forward and would encourage others to try it too.

Wild Path

Big journeys begin with small steps.

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